Name Alignment Pantheon Spheres of Influence Gender
Aristus Neutral Evil Vanaean Death, Decay, Despair, Undeath Male
Balgorsis Neutral Evil Irryllian Greed, Ambition, Selfishness, Pride Male
Bernar Lawful Evil Vanaean Slavery, Domination, Cruelty Female
Croloxos Chaotic Evil Vanaean Slaughter, Murder, War Male
Daergos Lawful Neutral Barbarian Stone, Caverns, Mining Male
Dalath Neutral Good Barbarian Crops, Fertility, Food, Plants Female
Draenor Lawful Neutral Vanaean Defence, Security, Castles Male
Faerisil True Neutral Irryllian Knowledge, Magic, Wizards, Sages Female
Gundar Lawful Good Irryllian Honor, Valor, Courage Male
Kargos Chaotic Neutral Barbarian Thunderstorms, Battle, Anger Male
Lorilia Chaotic Neutral Vanaean Water, Oceans, Sailing Female
Mithros Lawful Good Irryllian Justice, Wisdom, Rulership Male
Noreesis Chaotic Evil Barbarian Cold, Winter, Hunger Female
Orboris True Neutral Vanaean Common Sense, Practicality, Compromise Male
Parlainia Neutral Good Irryllian Healing, Mercy, Forgiveness Female
Seristus Chaotic Good Irryllian Art, Music, Humour Male
Tarantis Chaotic Good Barbarian Freedom, Agility, Individuality Female
Telkora Neutral Good Irryllian Travel, Exploration, the Planes Female
Tuath Chaotic Neutral Vanaean Shadows, Mischief, Theft Male
Vorloin Lawful (Evil) Irryllian Death, Aging, Inevitability Female
Vulfus Neutral (Evil) Barbarian Predators, Hunting, Strength Male
Yussack Lawful Neutral Vanaean Trade, Hard Work, Craftsmanship Male

These pantheons are not race/species specific. However, different races will prefer different deities:
Dwarves will usually worship Daergos, Draenor and Yussack
Elves will usually worship Tarantis, Faerisil or Seristus
Halflings will usually worship Dalath, Tuath or Orboris.
Gnomes will usually worship Daergos, Orboris, Faerisil or Tuath.

Goblins will usually worship either Balgorsis or Bernar
Hobgoblins will nearly always follow Bernar. Any hobgoblins who do not worship Bernar are considered anathema, heretics to be hunted down and killed.
Orcs usually follow Croloxos, but some worship Aristus or Balgorsis.
Gnolls nearly always follow Croloxos.

Beholders are the unholy creations of Bernar.
All undead creatures, if they are aware of deities, are followers of Aristus, god of the undead.


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