Mountains and Hills

Urdenir Mountains:

Populated by dwarves, but wild and untamed for the most part. Dwarves frequently battle goblins and hobgoblins here. Only a few safe, passable roads.
Many mountain goats and yaks, with some pastures and woods in the valleys. Lots of monsters, including griffons, wyverns, and a cluster of red dragons. Some copper and gold deposits which the dwarves compete with the goblins for.

Haemos Hills:

Populated by dwarves, gnomes and a few humans. A major source of iron ore plus some tin and lead ore.
Safer, less wild than Urdenir Mountains but still with goblin tribes causing trouble. Mountain goats, pumas and brown bears roam wild but there are also human shepherds with their flocks.

Iroos Hills:

A low-lying spur of the Urdenir Mountains. The Iroos Hills are stronghold for several gnomish clans.
As well as grazing pastures for sheep, there are veins of gems including amber, jade and amethyst. There is an on-going problem with aggressive, larger-than-average wildlife, especially wolves, wolverines and badgers.

Broken Hills:

Rugged, jagged black basalt hills, with no known civilized settlements, but some wild Vanae tribes and evil humanoids, including goblins and hobgoblins.
Travel is very arduous, with no roads, only goat tracks.
No known resources.
Numerous types of monsters and predators, including griffons and manticores.

Forests and Woods

Kaylon Forest:

Dense, Rugged and hilly, merging with the Haemos Hills. Mixture of inhabitants including Vanae tribes, elves, gnomes and gnoll bands.

Eugar Woods:

Relatively safe, with several elf villages forming an alliance. Also some halfling villages on the outskirts. The animals include different dire animals including dire wolves, weasels, boars and stags.

Coronal Woods:

Dangerous due to dominance of orcs, gnolls and hobgoblins. A family of green dragons dwells in the depths and sometimes coerces the humanoids to raid human lands.

Marshsoil Forest:

As the name suggests, a damp forest with ponds, marshy patches and streams. Lots of wild animals, including bars, deer and wild cattle. Ongoing battle between druids and a mix of gnolls, ogres and bugbears. Some elves and gnomes.

Hawkhead Woods:

Sylvan stronghold, with brownies, pixies, dryads and sylphs. Some druids, elves and halflings. Unfortunately there are Vanae lairs and dungeons under the woods and demons and undead sometimes emerge to attack the fey forest dwellers.

Pidrun Forest:

Several surface-dwelling Vanae tribes are fiercely territorial. Giant arthropods (beetles, wasps, spiders and centipedes) are a lot more common here than in other forests and have almost displaced mammals as the dominant life.

Bodies of Water

Brownwater Bay:
Reavers Bay:
Quarll Bay
Crayne River
Feurin River
Sailboat River
Orrolos River


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