Groups in the City-States region

Groups and organisations of the City-States Region

The Knights of the Shining Lance

With the famous motto of “Faith, Honour and Empire” these wandering warriors seek glory and justice for their patron Gundar and the Irryllian Empire. There are many in the main Empire. Here in the City-States region there are thought to be 120 actual knights plus maybe 220 fighters, paladins and clerics. No other classes are welcome. There is a chapter house in Delliron, while a castle on the road between Porrlock and Quarll is friendly and allied to the knights.

The Verdant Network

Although not all druids in the region are part of this network, many are. Perhaps 230 druids are in contact with each other for advice and other aid. The network claims a number of stone circles in mystical places as its meeting places. The network is respected by surface-dwelling Vanae tribes.

The Silver Chain

By no means the only inter-city merchant company, the Silver Chain company is probably the widest-reaching and best-known, with a policy of trading anything with anyone as long as it is profitable and (mostly) legal. They have trading houses in all the City-States. Some folks denounce them as sociopathic, greedy mercenaries: the Silver Chain claims it is only protecting shareholders’ interests.

The Circle of Gornnos

This is a powerful circle of 6 wizards in the town of Gornnos. They also have a total of 17 apprentices. The full members are all at least 16th level while the apprentices are a minimum of 5th level. Their primary aim is the gathering, study and cataloging of rare spells and magic items – political activity is discouraged while military, mercantile and religious activity is expected only when something magical is to be gained or protected by it.

Imperial Heralds

These are men loyal to the Irryllian Empire who carry news from the capital far to the south. Although they do not announce the fact, they also take information back about what the Emperor’s subjects are up to. This has led to Imperial Heralds recruiting undercover contacts in different towns and cities.

Groups in the City-States region

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