Notes on smaller towns

Erripp: – pop 2150
Trades mainly in food and timber with Vareshiss and Delliron but has a military treaty with just Delliron. There is a less-used overland route to Irryllia heading south from Erripp and a steady trickle of Imperial merchant caravans and messengers.

Ferrisk: – pop 2400
Allied to Quarll out of necessity rather than friendship. The elf and half-elf minorities want to avoid Quarll but the human ruling council are more pragmatic. The town is built on Vanae ruins.

Gornnos: – pop 3200
This town has a major asset – a circle of six powerful wizards who have made Gornnos their home. They have fended off barbarian raiders and ensure the town’s independence from heavy-handed diplomacy by the City-States.

Gryphonbridge: – pop 1550
Allied to Vareshiss (to Ironport’s annoyance). More than 55% halflings, and also a number of centaurs who camp on the outskirts. Lots of herding and husbandry of horses which occasionally attracts griffons (hence the name) plus other predators (bulettes, ankhegs and wyverns).

Herralt: – pop 2600
Closely tied to Vareshiss. Herralt is surrounded by farmland and produces a lot of food for export. It is also one of the safest towns in the region, with only a few wandering predators from the Eugar Woods.

Merripas – pop 330
Built on top of Vanae ruins and using some Vanae architecture. Merripas is loosely allied with Vareshiss but Delliron seeks to influence it. It has docks on the lake so trade passes to and from the river.

Northtipp: – pop 1720
Small trading port that does business with Quarll, Ironport and human tribes of Estaar. A mile from the actual town there is a strong castle as refuge in the face of determined assault.

Porrlock: – pop 1600
A very active town that is being befriended by both Ironport and Vareshiss while being bullied by Quarll and raided by gnolls and ogres of the Marshsoil Forest.

Swampshore: – pop 3000
Allied to Ironport though Vareshiss would like to win it over. Fishing is an important industry, as is sheep-farming and wool. Creatures from the swamp and raiders from Estaar mean that there is a wooden wall and ditch around the town and a town militia.

Thribridge – pop 1100
The most isolated town in the Sorqos region. Like Ferrisk, Thribridge is allied with Quarll out of necessity. Hobgoblin, goblin and worg raiders often attack from the Broken Hills, so there are defences and a town militia.

Valleyhold: – pop 2100
Closely allied to Delliron and wide mix of races. Dwarves and gnomes bring iron and copper. Halflings farm the fertile valley floor while elves sometimes visit from Marshsoil Forest.


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